Masterclass in Oncological whole-body MRI

 A collaboration between the International Cancer Imaging Society (ICIS), the Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA) & SACO 2023

      Friday, 1 September 2023
      Cape Town International Convention Centre
        This ICISi Masterclass will be delivered as a one-day teaching course, highlighting the application of WB-MRI in cancer. Professor Anwar Padhani will be onsite to guide and assist participants first-hand, whilst the other faculty will join remotely.


        This course is designed for radiologists interested to learn the daily application of WB-MRI in clinical practice. With modules on disease screening, myeloma, breast and prostate cancers, attendees will become familiar with the emerging roles of the technique for cancer management. Our expert teachers have extensive clinical experience of WB-MRI, will provide image interpretation guidance, as well as showing benefits for both precision health and oncology. Delegates will benefit from mentored hands-on case-based learning with individual workstations. Between 35-40 cases will be reviewed, each chosen to illustrate specific learning points, all summarised in a detailed workbook to use on the day and take home!

    Course Programme

    Register at congress office in Hall 3, CTICC

    Welcome and introduction
    Session 1
    Protocols, Normals,Screening


    Session 2
    WB-MRI in Myeloma


    Session 3
    WB-MRI in Breast cancer


    Session 4
    WB-MRI in Prostate cancer


    Learning objectives
    •To learn how to perform and read WB-MRI scans for disease detectionand response assessment.
    •To understand how WB-MRI can help maintain health by early diseasedetection and disease characterisation.
    •To discuss guidelines and benefits of WB-MRI in multiple myeloma.
    •To discuss benefits of WB-MRI in prostate and breast cancer assessmentscompared to conventional imaging and PET/CT techniques.

    Key Features
    •Mentored case-based learning of more than 30 cases
    •Each case chosen to illustrate specific learning points
    •A detailed workbook containing all cases to be discussed will be providedfor the course to enhance the learning experience, and to be retainedas a valuable learning resource.

    Prof. Anwar Padhani
    Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, UK
    Prof. Dow-Mu Koh
    The Royal Marsden Hospital, UK
    Prof. Giuseppe Petralia
    European Institute of Oncology, University of Milan, Italy
    Prof. Christina Messiou
    The Royal Marsden Hospital, UK
    Dr. Nina Tunariu
    The Royal Marsden Hospital, UK

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